Current research fields:

Uptake and translocation of iron in plants
Iron uptake in chloroplasts
Heavy metal uptake of the energy grass (Agropiron elongatum cv. szarvasi-1)

R+D projects:

Plant metallomics: An integrated mass spectrometry approach to study metal
homeostasis in plants. 2010-2012 MICINN Spanish project, foreign participating researcher

Movement, retention and uptake of Fe-chelates and complexes in the rizosphere investigated by Mössbauer spectroscopy. 2010-2012 ERA Chemistry, NN84307, participating researcher

Studies on Metal Homeostasis in Plants. 2008-2010 OTKA NN74045, principal investigator

Evaluation of health-damaging effects of heavy metal contaminated soils using parameters of ecotoxicity and phytotoxicity, 2006-2009. EM ETT 093/2006, principal investigator

Identification of iron forms in plant tissues of Strategy I species by Mössbauer spectroscopy 2007-2008. Spanish-Hungarian academic exchange program, principal investigator

Investigation of responses of different tree species to heavy metal stress, 2001-2003, OM FKFP 0056/2001, principal investigator

Adsorption and uptake of toxic heavy metals in root and leaf tissues. 2000-2002, OTKA F 033076, principal investigator

Molecular Mechanisms for Tolerance to Stress Factors Affecting Photosynthetic Efficiency of Trees. 1999-2001, INCO COPERNICUS EEC IC15-CT98-0126, participating researcher

Complex stress physiological investigation of agriculturally important plants. 1999-2001, OM FKFP 0175, participating researcher

Investigation of the toxicity caused by environmental polluting heavy metals and the stress tolerance in wild and cultivated plants. 1999-2002, OTKA T030837, participating researcher

Investigation of complexation, transport and mode of action of toxic cations in plant models. 1997-2000, OTKA T022913, participating researcher

Effect of heavy metals and their organic complexes on the growth and heavy metal accumulation of plants. 1996-1999, OTKA F021004, principal investigator